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Pat HastingsPat Hatings will be speaking on ...Letting Go of Fear Through Faith in a Power Greater Than Yourself.

Whenever you are called to a deeper level of trust in the Universe and to yourself to do something you have never done before or to step into your greatness, you will experience fear . Active faith is the bridge that takes you into the promised land of manifestation. You limit your supply of good by your limited thinking. Let Pat share with you “7 Miraculous Tips …….when the Fear Grips.”

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Motivational Speaker -Pat Hastings

Pat Hastings deepest desire is to share God’s love and faithfulness with you. God has worked miracles in the details of her everyday life. As a result, she is a woman with deep faith. Through prayer and meditation, God persistently and lovingly guides her every step of the way, giving her everything she needs when she needs it. When she took a detour and allowed fear to rob her and almost destroy God’s gift, God always led her back to his loving presence.

What I needed always “showed up” in God’s perfect timing and in His perfect way.

Pat Hastings is the Author of the award winning book, "Simply a Woman of Faith: How to Live in Spiritual Power & Transform Your Life", Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach, Workshop Leader and the Radio Talk Show Host of “Finding the God of Your Understanding.”

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Pat is passionate about helping women conquer their fears, believe in themselves and deepen their spirituality by connecting with Spirit. For all women who seek to be free of the holds of the past, and want to step into their greatness and potential, Pat provides powerful guidance and wisdom through her step-by-step coaching program called “Living the Life You Deserve.”

Pat is highly skilled in leading people inward on a journey toward self acceptance, self-love, forgiveness, healing and freedom. She inspires audiences with her powerful faith stories and everyday miracles. Pat’s spark and magic come from sharing from a deep place of soul and authenticity. She has triumphed over family alcoholism, an addiction to people pleasing, sexual abuse, loss of a business and a divorce after 30 years of marriage.

Some topics Pat has spoken on previously:

  • Step Into Your Spiritual Power and Greatness
  • Follow Your Inner Star and Let Your Light Shine
  • Tending to Your Spirit: How Spirituality Can Transform Your Life and Work
  • 7 Miraculous Tips when THE Fear Grips
  • A Journey to Yourself: Moving from Fear to Faith
  • Believe in Yourself and Live in Spiritual Abundance
  • Listening to the Small, Still Voice of the Spirit Within
  • How to Say No To Others…… And YES to Yourself
  • Awaken the Inner Fire and Celebrate Your Divine Self


Previous Speaking Topics and Accolades include:

  • Therapist.
  • Inspirational Speaker.
  • Spiritual LifeCoach.
  • Retreat Leader.
  • Radio Talk Show Host.
  • Author.
  • Expert on National Association of Divorced Women and Children - NADWC
  • Contributing writer for Aspire Magazine
  • Voted Inspirational Woman of the Year – Tea with Marie TV Show
  • RI Small Business Development Center - Entrepreneur Success Story 2010
  • Yuxon Press – Award Winning Book – 2009 Christian Choice Writing Contest

Pat's Radio Show

Each week on her radio show, FINDING THE GOD OF YOUR UNDERSTANDING, Pat invites guests to share with the listeners their relationship with God and how they stay connected with this source of all creation. Listen Here

Advanced Degrees

Woman Of faith blog

  • MS
  • LCDP
  • CPC

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Workshop leader- whatever your spiritual beliefs are, Pat’s retreats and workshops offer a universal message of love, transformation, and hope.

Inspirational Speaking - when Pat Hastings speaks, people sit up and take notice. They feel the love coming from her heart and they see the light that is all around her. She inspires and touches hearts by her stories and everyday miracles.

Simply A Woman Of Faith, when Pat started writing Simply a Woman of Faith, she heard that small, still voice of God say, “Do your part, and leave the outcome to me.”

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