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Dr. Nancy Mramor

Dr. Nancy Mramor will be speaking on Spiritual Fitness ...
Spiritual Fitness is a goal for anyone who is interested in incorporating spirituality into their life and their health practice. The ways of spiritual fitness create the highest levels of whole body and soul health by relying on mind/body/spirit practices. You will learn how to make spirituality a priority that drives the rest of your life toward your true purpose. We will discuss:

  • Ways to change your attitudes to ones that create health
  • Hypnosis to achieve your desired goals
  • Sure-fire visualization for manifestation that uses the whole brain
  • Awakening to your connection to your spirit and keeping the connection open
  • Spiritual Priority Setting

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Motivational Speaker -Dr. Nancy Mramor

Nancy Mramor Ph.D.  is a media, health and educational psychologist, a Spiritual Fitness Coach, a speaker and author,  most recently, of  the award winning Spiritual Fitness.  Nancy’s book won a Coalition of Visionary Resources Award in the category of books that bridge Spirituality and Science, an award won the same year by the Dalai Lama’s book.

As a media psychologist, Dr. Nancy has hundreds of placements in radio, TV and print, in which she shares her wisdom and advice for a happy, healthy and intentional life. Her work has taken her to NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS and many other media outlets with a focus on healthy living and ways to maximize healthy use of technology while minimizing health and social risks. "Dr.Nancy's RxTV" prescriptions on health and happiness have been offered in over 350 media outlets on radio, TV and in print. Nancy was selected as one of Western Pa’s Most Successful Women.

As a Health Psychologist, Dr. Mramor has taught Optimum Health, Spiritual Fitness, and Stress Management as a member of the adjunct faculty of 6 Pennsylvania Universities, at Chatutauqua Institution, and hundreds of other programs.  She is a psychotherapist in private practice at Station Square, Pittsburgh with over 25 years of experience. Her practice in Spiritual Fitness Coaching is available nationally. Psychotherapy includes a mind/body/spirit approach that utilizes Neuro-Emotional Technique and Hypnosis for Health.

As an invited speaker, the results of her research on television and stress have been shared around the U.S. including the American Psychological Association, and Europe, at the National and International Behavioral Medicine Conferences in Amsterdam and Vienna.  She toured nationally with CURE, the nursing oncology association, presenting workshops nationally to cancer doctors, nurses, patients and their caregivers.


Previous Speaking Topics include:

  • Optimum Health.
  • Happiness.
  • Healthy Use of Media.
  • Hypnosis for Health.

Advanced Degrees

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Dr. Mramor's Vita-

  • Duquesne University
  • Saybrook University
  • University of Pittsburgh awarded Ph.D

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Dr. mramor

Workshop leader on Optimum Health, Happiness, Spiritual Fitness and Healthy/Happy Use of Technology, Hypnosis for Health

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Fitness Coaching with emphasis on receiving spiritual guidance, establishing and maintaining spiritual guidance from within, and taking the next steps toward your life purpose.

Dr. Mramor’s award winning book, Spiritual Fitness and Top Ten Tips for Lasting Happiness have received accolades from readers and leaders! Her latest DVD, Hypnosis for Healing was produced through a grant from the University of Pittsburgh Medical School Shadyside Hospital Foundation.

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