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Mastering the Art of Success: A Practical and Spiritual Approach for Life & Business.

Dr. Jo Anne White introduces success tools to grow your success with confidence and ease to manifest whatever you choose for your life and career. A practical and soul-based guide to live your dreams with purpose, self mastery, vision and joy.

Success isn’t just about financial gain. Success also includes personal, spiritual, family, business and career alignment - says, Dr. jo Anne White Consulting Services, LLC.

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International Author and Speaker, Dr Jo Anne White:

  • Certified Life, Leadership and Business Coach
  • Innovation, Motivation and Empowerment Specialist
  • Law of Attraction and Manifestation Counselor
  • Energy Master Teacher
  • Customer and Employee Excellence Programs
  • Education and Parent Training

Known as the “Success Doc” to global audiences, Doc White gets to the heart of what matters most to organizations and people with her transformative programs and products. Doc White delivers practical tools for you to achieve and live your full potential and triumph in business and life.

With 25 years in education, administration, business, leadership and energy medicine, Doc White serves families and professionals, schools, universities, non-profit organizations, medical and wellness facilities, corporations and organizations. Satisfied clients include: Glaxo Smith Kline, National Association of Women Business Owners, Temple University, The Association of Women In Communication, Professional Woman Network International and West Jersey Hospital.

White’s Innovative training helps Businesses, Leaders and Entrepreneurs

  • Craft more bottom-line results and capture the minds and hearts of their teams
  • Increase accountability, collaboration and motivation
  • Build quality customer service relationships that last
  • Create an Innovation-Friendly Environment to withstand Change


Helping Others Live Their Dreams:

Jo Anne’s been passionately living her dream of dedicating her life to service by helping millions of individuals and organizations shape their own dreams and power their own success.

She teaches people how to overcome adversity, access their inner power and turn challenges into opportunities. Doc White motivates and inspires men, women, and businesses to maximize their abundance with more confidence, enjoyment and balance.

In-Demand Speaking Topics:

  • Employee & Customer Service Excellence Programs
  • The Leadership Edge
  • Creative Aging
  • Empowered Living
  • Get Innovative
  • The Heart and Soul of Leadership
  • Life and Work Balance
  • Mastering The Art of Success
  • Creating The Life of Your Dreams

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Coaching and training that's client-based and inspires and motivates individuals and businesses to achieve and thrive.

The POWER MOTIVATION SYSTEM™ is used successfully by individuals and businesses all over the world! Her goal is to empower people like you, to access their own personal joy, love, wisdom and abundance. As an energy master and hypnosis specialist, she also blends eastern and western medicine techniques into a synergistic whole.

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We are part of global community, and now in challenging times, it's important to set aside differences and come together as One powerful energetic force. -Motivational Leadership

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Dr. Jo Anne White's mission is to help you discover, acknowledge and access your power and personal resources – your vast potential – freeing you to live the life of your dreams. Achieve Your Full Potential.

dr. jo anne white

Featured Host of thePower Your Life” Radio Show, that offers exciting, up-to-date information and strategies with savvy guests and experts to help you consciously create more success, health and well being in every area of your life, work and relationships.

National and International Media Appearances:, Good Housekeeping, and WebMD. Radio and television networks such as NBC, CBS, CN8, World Talk Radio, Fox, Martha Stewart Radio Network and Voice America.

Her wealth of books focus on personal, professional and spiritual growth, leadership, success and empowerment. They include: Mastering the Art of Success, (also featuring best-selling authors, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and Jack Canfield), The Self Architect, The Woman’s Handbook for Self Empowerment, Sense Your Way to Life Satisfaction, A Journey Within and The Baby Boomer’s Handbook for Women.


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