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Pat HastingsDebbie Mancini-Wilson will be speaking on ...
Balancing family and career lives - how to live authentically and make the most of each other through your own unique creativity. Debbie wants you to know that you are special and talented, and she believse that you should share your talent with the rest of the world.

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Motivational Speaker -Debbi mancini-wilson

Debbie Mancini-Wilson, if you’ve seen her on television, heard her on the radio, participated in one of her interactive workshops, or have been motivated by her books and articles, you know that Debbie’s ardent mission is to help children and adults tap into their imagination, and nurture creative self-expression.

These abilities help us to enhance our individual authenticity, and ultimately live happier by living true to ourselves and our life-purposes.  Once we cultivate our ingenuity, just about everything becomes easier.

Don't you want to be one of 'those people' who wakes up each day and makes a conscious decision to grasp  -with both hands-  the tools to make great things happen?  It's easier than you might think ... and it's way more fun than what you already know!  And, as a parent, what could be more fulfilling than passing these awesome secrets along to your children?

a little bit about debbie


  • Family Creativity Expert for NBC & CBS morning shows
  • Best-Selling Author of ‘Color My World’
  • Award-Winning Poet
  • Contributing Magazine Writer (online & in print)
  • Radio Personality
  • Speaker/Coach
  • Workshop Creator/Leader
  • Advisory Board Member for Ziggity Zoom (Best Kid Website Winner)
  • Most Importantly, Wife and Mom

creative parenting

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Nurture creativity, foster independent thinking skills, build self-esteem, self-confidence and tolerance (self and others) through self-expression.

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Debbie Mancini-Wilson

  • Imagineer
  • Creativity Expert
  • Family and Parenting Expert
  • Resident Family/Creativity Expert For NBC and CBS Morning Shows
  • Best-Selling Author
  • Radio and TV Personality

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You will FOREVER be the creative parent once you’re equipped with this amazingly simple yet detailed 2-part audio download.

Learn how to make the most out of:

  • Car time: Did you ever think that the gazillion billboards you drive by each day could be a source for you to get to know what’s in your child’s head and heart?
  • Chore time: Is it possible for dusting, washing dishes or folding laundry to be fun? … especially after muscling your kid into helping?
  • Dinnertime: Have you ever wondered why you only get one-word answers … or worse yet … shrugged shoulders from your kids during conversations?
  • One-on-one time: How do you broach certain subjects with without sounding preachy or force-feeding them your opinion?
  • Bedtime: Did you ever think you’d hear a family expert say that it might be time to stop reading bedtime stories?

Added benefits to Debbie's Secret Weapons:

  • Great bonding time
  • Strategic lessons sewn in
  • Creating priceless memories
  • Getting a glimpse inside their heads/hearts
  • These work right into the time you already have with your family and no cost

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